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Dated: 05/14/2018

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Even if you sold homes before, the process can be overwhelming.  Be ready.

Once your home is on the market, be prepared to monitor and adjust as necessary. Listen carefully to the feedback you receive from potential buyers and buyers agents.  As offers come in, be ready to make counter offers. Study and understand the importance of every element of the offer and contract. You may only have a few hours to respond so be sure you have a good grasp of this material prior to the first offer.

Know your bottom line, your dates, and what you are willing to convey with the home. Are you going to offer a home warranty? Are you willing to assist with seller closing costs or prepaid items? Who will pay transfer fees? Are you OK with all types of financing and all lenders the buyer may want to use?

Know about the paperwork you will need such as an elevation certificate and CL-100.  Study up on legal disclosures and your liabilities. Use care in advertising as some of the fair housing requirements are not all that obvious (for example, using the term “within walking distance” is problematic). 

Set your limits. How much involvement are you willing to invest on your own to get your home sold? How much can you invest in marketing? How much will you spend on repairs, upgrades, and cleaning?

Know yourself. Are you a good negotiator? Are you good at marketing? How much do you know about offers, contingencies, and contracts? Are you willing to negotiate directly? How do you feel about doing open houses?

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